Dynamic markets lead to the requirement for the companies to re-invent themselves on an ongoing basis. Analysis of the current market positioning, identification of business opportunities, restructuring of the business model and business development  are regular key activities for a sustainable organisation.

Top Reference Projects


Development, marketing / pitching and implementation of a new business segment with the focus on institutional investors (insurers and banks) as well as service providers (investment managers and advisors, banks) Middle-sized EU financial services group
Reorganisation of a financial services group (spin off) including establishment and licensing of an Alternative Investment Fund Manager (AIFM) Middle-sized EU financial services group
Development and implementation of a joint business model for a start-up sub-portfolio manager and integration into the middle-sized financial services group Small-sized German portfolio manager and a middle-sized EU financial services group
Market analysis, development and implementation of a business model in Australia Middle-sized international insurance intermediary group